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Alien Fact File #6

Welcome back to another Alien Factfile, the continuing series of informative packet transmissions put together by xenobiologist Brennan Renwick, who after years of study wants to share all of the information gathered on the wonderful aliens, that we live amongst. Today we have a singular, yet important species to take a look at!

Cathar - The Cathar are a bipedal feline sentient species hailing from Cathar in the Outer Rim. The Cathar have two distinct subspecies, including the Myhr Rho and the Juhani subspecies. The Juhani subspecies have a short pale whiteish fur, and appear much less catlike than the baseline Cathar. The Myhr Rho have little to no fur, and appear more human than catlike. The regular

Cathar are lion-like in appearance, with large thick manes, that are sometimes braided into an almost dreadlock style. The Cathar have bright yellow eyes. Their thick fur is usually brown, but

has been known to be gray, white, and yellow in color as well. Sometimes a Cathar’s mane, may appear as a different color than their thick fur. The Cathar have large and powerful claws, that are potentially lethal. These claws are also retractable, making them powerful and unexpected

weapons. Cathar are broader shouldered than humans, and stand taller than them as well. The Cathar also have pointed ears, and rows of extremely sharp teeth. The Cathar are born in litters, and live in cities built in trees, similar to the Wookiees. The planet of Cathar is covered by huge plains and grasslands, and the Cathar prioritize hunts. The

exploits of the greatest Cathar warriors of hunts, are legends that get carved into the trees their cities rest on. Cathar society can be compared to those of a Wookiee, using feats of bravery and great hunts/quests, to attain status in their society. Many Cathar are Force Sensitive, and through many years of galactic history, numerous Cathar Jedi have risen as prominent Masters and Knights of the order. Notable Cathar Jedi such as Crado,

Sylvar, Juhani, and Rasi Tuum have all been prominent members of the order, who have had an impact not only on the Jedi order, but on the events that have shaped the galaxu as well. Cathar are the ancient enemies of the Mandalorian race of warriors, as Mandalorians slaughtered over 90 percent of their

species at the Battle of Cathar. This was a major near-extinction catalyst, that prompted the few remaining Cathar to flee their homeworld in search for a new place for them in the stars.

Historically the Cathar that remained after the massacre, allied with the Republic amidst the numerous wars instigated by various threats that ravaged the Republic. The Cathar, being a warrior species proved to be a powerful ally for the Republic to have, even with diminished numbers. Cathar are renowned for their fighting prowess, especially adept at hand-to-hand combat. Cathars are also famous arounf the galaxy for their fierce loyalty, determination, and fiery spirits. Though they have faced the near complete annihilation of their species, Cathar have remained a prominent force

to be reckoned with.

Thus ends my findings on the Cathar, a truly remarkable warrior race of felines. But don’t worry, I shall return with more research on more of the impressive lifeforms that traverse the galaxy. See you then.



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