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Alien Fact File #7

Welcome back to another Alien Factfile, where the xenobiologist Brennan Renwick, shines a light on the magnificent species that roam our star system. Today, we have 3 more sentient aliens to take a look at!

Hamadryas - The Hamadryas are a near-human species from the planet Papio. The Hamadryas are recognizable for their distinctive olive green colored skin. The Hamadryas had a dusty brown hair color, that turned white when aged. The Hamadryas have very interesting cheek bones,

which sink backwards. They are also identifiable by their noses, which have been described as ape-like in shape. The Hamadryas are also unique from humans, as they do not have the need to blink. The Hamadryas also lack hair on their eyebrows, instead, having a slightly raised bony structure, in its place. The Hamadryas are

different than humans, in one other unique way, that being that they lack a carotid artery, which

in humans are what provides the brain, face, and neck with blood. It is presently unclear as to how the Hamadryas function without this artery. Hamadryas are genetically compatible with humans, one example of which was the hybrid human/Hamadryas senator from Taris, known as Haydel Goravvus. The Hamadryas Cebann Veekan, was yet another noteworthy member of the species, being a celebrity holoperformer.

Sipsk’ud - The Sisk’ud are a somewhat peculiar looking avien species hailing from the Sisk Sector of the

Outer Rim. The Sisk’ud are a smaller species, standing slightly shorter than the height of the average human. The Sipsk’ud are strikingly duck-like in appearance, sporting white feathers and a yellow beak. However, their peculiar set of 7 eyes, which are spread in a tight circle on their face, make them somewhat insectoid in appearance. The Sisk’ud need to wear vacuum sealed space-suits, when in an oxygen-rich

environment, though it is unclear what aspect of the environment suitable for most life, they could not tolerate. The Sipsk’ud were historically one of the people groups that were dominated by the Argazdan species of near-humans,

during the Kanz Disorders. This conflict, involved the Republic intervening, after the Argazdan enslaved nearby sectors. However, culturally speaking, this time under the Argazdan influenced the Sipsk’ud species greatly, as many of their species adopted the Argazdan religion of Vianism. The Sipsk’ud were referred to by other species, in a somewhat derrogatory term, as “spider-eyes mallards.” At least some Sisk’ud worked as freightor pilots, during the Galactic Civil War.

Wroonian - The Wroonian are a blue-skinned near human species renowned for their beauty.

Coming from the planet Wroona in the Inner Rim, the Wroonians are extremely close to humans in appearance. They are also extremely close in resemblance to the Pantoran species, the only characteristic distinguishing the two species being the Wroonian’s yellow eye color. The Wroonian even have blue lips, a

shade darker than their skin. The Wroonian also possess exclusively black hair. Wroonian’s females are known to wear ornate yellow makeup or lipstick to accent their eyecolor. Wroonian’s enjoy wearing fancy clothing, as well as adorning themselves with tattoos. Wroonian’s are often wealthy, and prioritize a relaxing and fun lifestyle. Though Wroonian’s are also documented as being a spiritual society as well. The Wroonian’s link with the Pantoran people actually transcended physical similarities, as the Pantoran diplomates were the chosen representatives of the Wroonians at the Republic’s Galactic Senate.

That concludes the information I gathered on these species today, but stay tuned for the next transmission, where I will continue sending my research on the many creatures that are denizens of our galaxy. See you then.

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