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Alien Fact File #8

Hello and welcome, to all sentients! This is yet another edition of Alien Factfile, a series of transmissions, written by xenobiologist Brennan Renwick, with the hopes of furthering your knowledge of the vast amount of aliens walking among us. Today, looking at only 1 curious species.

Lepi - The Lepi, also known by their more proper name, Lepus Carnivorus, are a sentient bipedal lagomorph hailing from the planet Coachelle Prime in the Mid Rim. Resembling tall, thin rabbits, the Lepi stand slightly taller than the average human. The Lepi are covered entirely in fur, typically green, though more uncommon colors including white, gray, and dark blue are known to exist. With tall ears, whispy whiskers, large eyes, and large buckteeth, the Lepi’s face has a

somewhat comedic appearance. Lepi also have typically stubby, white tails, though in rare instances they had long, whispy tails. The Lepi diet included both meat and plants, and included space carrots, which gave them incredibly good eyesight to go along with their good hearing. Their large ears, obviously being the reason for their exceptional hearing.

The ears of a Lepi, were in rare instances known to be a separate shade of color than their fur. The Lepi have incredibly wide, long feet, as well as proportionately larger hands to those of a human. The Lepi’s 3-toed feet terminated in claws. Lepi are capable of reproducing at quite a young age, being capable of reproduction from age 10 and onwards. The large number of Lepi born in one litter, also contributed to their exponentially high population. A single Lepi mother was known to have up to 36 offspring in their lifetime.

Lepi were known to be somewhat skittish in personality, relying on their instincts to stay alive. The Lepi

live in massive warrens, caverns underneath the surface of their planet. Their cities are located in these underground

tunnels, all intertwined and connected. Individual families reside in their own houses, located in private burrows. The close proximity of such a huge population, made the Lepi an incredibly social species. Though off-planet they have to face harassment and ridicule on behalf of their somewhat comedic appearance. Lepi are known to have a particularly quippy sense of humor, and are beloved by those who know them for their curious and gung-ho attitudes. Some researchers, including myself, believe their humorous ways, puns, and

quirky upbeat attitude, are perhaps a means of deflecting the ridicule they suffer.

Lepi are often known to talk to themselves, and when coversing, are known to

frequently employ wild hand gestures. Lepi work off-world as a wide variety of

professions, most of them involving illegal or illicit actions, including cargo-haulers,

pilots, mercenaries, bounty-hunters, guns for hire, and smugglers. The Lepi have

had an impact on the culture and society of the galaxy, gaining a reputation for their appearance, humor, and heart. At least 1 extremely popular intergalactic dance, the Lepi Hop, was influenced by them.

That’s all of the research I had to share today, folks. But never fear, as I will be back, with more wacky and interesting species in future informative packets. Until then, May the Force be with You.



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