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Alien Fact File #9

Welcome to this newest transmitted edition of Alien Factfile, where I, Brennan Renwick, xenobiologist of Sernpidal, take a closer look at the wonderful races that make up the galaxy we know and love.

Holwuff - The Holwuff are a sentient species originating from Alliga in the Phelleem Sector of the Outer Rim. The Holwuff are a strikingly hulking, broad-shouldered species with a greenish brown skin. The Holwuff have a white fur-like hair stretching

around their head, encompassing their chin, necks, and occipital regions. It is unclear at present how far this fur-like structure descends, and how much of their body it covers. The Holwuff have strikingly angular shaped head, which slopes downwards to a

long snout and a large mouth. The very top of their heads are bald, and they have large nostrils, either side of an odd, flat nose. Sharp tusks permanently jut out of the side of their mouths. The

Holwuff have 4-fingered hands, which end in distinctively sharp nails. They have small eyes, seemingly lacking a pupil. The Holwuff species became enemies of the Galactic Republic, when their planet seceded from the Republic, and joined the CIS.

Lizard Warrior - The Lizard Warriors are a sentient reptile species originally native to an as of yet

unidentified world. A sizable population of them, lived in a desert on the Forest Moon of Endor, known as the Valley of the Lizard Warriors. Lizard Warriors are identifiable by their light green scales, yellow underbelly, and yellow spines that run from the top of their head to the base of their long tail.

Lizard Warriors have sharp 3-clawed feet. Their eye color can be either brown or yellow. Lizard Warriors do not wear clothing, with the exception of black fabric armbands and legbands. The Lizard Warriors are a disagreeable and stand-offish species, who prioritize fighting prowess, power, and skill in hunting. Lizard Warrior technology consists of

spears, bows, and other crude rudimentary combat weapons. The Lizard Warriors roam the entirety of the desert valley, marking their territory

with totem poles they construct. The totem poles are meant to ward off trespassers, as skulls are tied around the top, and laid around the base. The Lizard Warriors lived in tribes, and followed the strongest warrior as their tribe’s leader. When the Rebel Alliance formed the new

government, the Alliance of Free Planets, on the moon of Endor, the Lizard Warriors sent a representative of their people’s interest. The representative Dracos, formally had the Lizard Warriors join the new government, which would eventually become the New Republic. During this time, the famed Jedi Luke Skywalker trained the Lizard Warriors in hand to hand combat methods.

Locan - The Locan are an incredibly muscular near-human race from the planet Loce in Wild Space. The Locan have short, bristly hair on their heads, and they have pointy ears as well. The Locan have blue skin, with black spots

dotting their bodu. They have huge shoulders, and large arms. The Locan have cleft fhins, and extremely pointy canines. The Locan have long fingernails, and several wore earrings.

That’s all the time I have for now, folks, but never fear, as I will be back with future transmissions, to further catalog and describe the wonderful lifeforms that make up our astounding galaxy! See you then!

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