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An INterview with a Jedi Master

By Maxine Morrell

Last week, I had the exciting opportunity to sit down with the galaxy’s foremost Jedi Master and

protector, the legendary Luke Skywalker. In the wake of the biggest war the galaxy has ever

known, Luke goes into detail on some of the misconceptions of the Jedi order and their goals, as

well as giving us insight on what a Jedi should be and how we all can make a difference in the

galaxy, regardless if we are Jedi or not.

Hello Master Luke, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to meet with me. I

know with the war having just ended, you are helping with reconstruction.

I am glad to be here! Any chance I get to shed more light on our order, the better. Reconstruction

is going well, the Chief of State's office and the Jedi council are working as a well oiled machine

to bring everything back to normal.

So jumping right in, at one point during the war, there was a lot of anti-Jedi sentiment

spreading, how did you combat that and what is truly the role of a Jedi?

That was an extremely dark time in our history and during it, we tried our best to show the

galaxy that we were not some self righteous group of space wizards wielding laser swords. We

were doing our best to protect however many lives we could and humanize ourselves to the

general public. You see, the Jedi are just like normal people, we all have personal lives and loved

ones. To answer the last part of your question, the role of a Jedi is to be a guardian of peace and

justice, to protect life and cherish it. We are also dedicated to the protection and growth of the

Galactic Alliance, while we may not be under their jurisdiction as previous Jedi were, we will

happily support them.

What are your goals for the Jedi and the galaxy long term?

Well, one goal I would like to strive towards is raising my son, Ben Skywalker, who was born

during the war. That is my main goal at the moment, the war kept us all so distracted, my son

was hidden away with the other Jedi younglings while my wife and I were on the front lines, so

now that we are at peace, I want to spend as much time with my family as possible. As for the

Jedi, my goal would essentially be to have the order grow to the point where they don’t need me

anymore, where the Jedi’s light is not reliant on myself and we are seeing the beginnings of that

with my niece and nephew and now my son. My goal for the galaxy though would just be to be

at peace so that my son and everyone else’s kids can grow up and know only peace.

So we know of the Jedi’s ability to do good but how can us common folk who can’t access

the powers of a Jedi make a difference?

Let me start by saying that the force resides in all living things, some just have the ability to

harness it but that isn’t what makes us Jedi. It is the choices we make and what we do that

defines us and that is how everyone can make a difference. We each have the choice to be

selfless or selfish, we each can choose if we want to use our abilities to help others and make the

galaxy a better place even in a tiny way. Always pursue the path of peace and knowledge and do

what you can to help everyone, your choices do make a difference and little by little, you will see

your reality become brighter.

How have your past mentors helped shape you into the person you are today?

While I am eternally grateful to my teachers for giving me the fundamentals, I mainly had to

figure it out on my own. I was left to bring the Jedi back after my mentors had passed.

Occasionally I do tend to reach out for their help when I feel lost or I try to think how they would

handle different situations when I feel stuck. Their wisdom still guides me to this day and their

teachings are passed onto my own students, through this passing of knowledge, my mentors are

never truly gone.

What would you say is the hardest part of being a Jedi?

The laundry (he laughed). The amount of robes we have to clean is absurd! In all seriousness, I

would say the hardest part is having to make the choice that no one else can and dealing with the

results of those difficult choices. Those choices sometimes are at great cost to our own well

being but it is ultimately necessary to keep the peace.

To wrap up this interview, what words of wisdom would you leave us with today?

Focus on the good, if you spend too much time focusing on the negatives of things, that is only

what you will ever see. Also, remember that there is always more to learn, take the opportunity

to learn from each encounter you have and each person you meet.

Well folks there you have it! Luke was such a delight to speak with and just someone who makes

everyone in the room feel at peace but he also carries such an authority. He truly is one of a kind.

I hope you all enjoyed this exclusive interview, tune in next week on the Pierre Needmo News

Hour when we go to the galactic senate to interview the Chief of State, Cal Omas!

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was submitted by Maxine last month but some doofus (me) only saved it as a draft instead of publishings it earlier. Sorry Maxie!

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