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ANOTHER new "Legends" novel announced by Titan Comics!

While the first one hasn't yet been released yet it hasn't stopped Titan from announcing when the 2nd installment of fiction from the Star Wars Insider is coming out next.

Sept 2021 Volume 2 will be available to purchase here on Amazon, if you're interested in grabbing a copy.

Fair warning, it will contain both Canon and Legends stories within it, which brings up an interesting question about what exactly this means.

By labeling it "Legends" yet including "Canon" stories are they officially de-canonizing their previous "Canon" stories or is this just to say not all the stories are true?

Now while it could mean the latter it definitely interesting when you think about it. Does Lucasfilm not care anymore what stories are labeled as "canon"? By what we've heard from Story Group Official Matt Martin, canon is "whatever you want it to be"

So does this mean Lucasfilm is slowly coming around to the idea that new Legends stories are worth a shot to bring back?

We sure hope so.

Either way, the issue bears some contemplating on what the future really holds for the EU.

And if this second volume tells us anything it's this: Titan Publishing will most likely be combining "Canon" and "Legends" stories in future installments here on out. Further muddying the waters between the two separate entities.

Let's pray this bodes well for EU fans in the future.

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