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Before Thrawn (Part 3)

Welcome back to my series where I go over other good starting places to begin reading about the EU that doesn't concern Thrawn. Here we go with pick #3!


For the Prequel movie fan, I think this is the best place to start. Taking place before, during and after the events of Episode 1, not only does it advance the story of Darth Sideous but really goes behind the scenes of what was taking place off screen during the movie.

I think any prequel fan worth their salt would love to hear about this grim tale that took place at the exact same time Anakin was being introduced to the galaxy. Luceno is one of the best authors out there and (in my opinion) more engaging than Zahn when it comes to telling stories.

So for the prequel fan, I can't think of a better place they could start.

I'll be back with another pick tomorrow.

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