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Beyond Thrawn (Part 1)

Time and time again, the question gets asked to me "Matt, where would you suggest I start reading in the Expanded Universe?"

For years, I've only given a single answer; Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy. But over the years I've opened up my mind on other good places I think someone could start their adventure instead of this classic trilogy, so today I'm going to give my first suggestion and explain the "why" behind it.


This book takes place the day after Return of the Jedi. Anyone knew to the EU would automatically be able to connect to the first thing they read, which is Luke shaking off the effects of the Emperor's lightening from the day before.

From there on out, Kathy Tyers delivers a solid story that doesn't involve the Empire as the enemy but rather show signs of peace to one another as the unite against a dangerous threat.

It's a good way to show people that the EU isn't about copying what the movies have shown us but rather building off of the story and on to new and creative ideas. This is why it's one of my other suggestions on where to begin.

I'll come back with more tomorrow!



Ryan Winters
Ryan Winters
Jun 02, 2021

I would recommend Tales of the Jedi: Golden Age of the Sith for those interested in the Old Republic era.

For the prequel era, I think Darth Bane: Path of Destruction is a good starting point.

For the Rebellion era, Han Solo and the Paradise Snare.


Magneno Alex
Magneno Alex
Jun 01, 2021

Ya I would reccomend people start here and just move on forward. Reading all of Bantam.

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