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Beyond Thrawn (Part 2)

Welcome to my series where I talk about other places for newcomers to start reading in the Expanded Universe. It's no secret the we are seeing more and more people everyday become interested in what this story has to offer fans. And since I'm getting the question more often recently, I've decided to give you some alternate stories you can start with that don't include everyone's favorite Grand Admiral.


Dave Wolverton is an amazing and underrated author within the EU. Outside of a few short stories and some children's books this was his biggest contribution to the Expanded Universe. It's characters are so impactful that some of the elements live on today within the new canon.

So why is this the best one to start with? It completes the blooming relationship of Han and Leia we see in Return of the Jedi. Every Star Wars knew they'd eventually wed and this book gives a light hearted and fun adventure of how it all came to be.

A perfect "primer" before cracking open the first chapter of Heir to the Empire.

I'll be back with more suggestions tomorrow...

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1 Comment

Magneno Alex
Magneno Alex
Jun 02, 2021

This book was so wonderful. Didn't know how important this book atcuallys is considering how we would get Tenel Ka out of it. And the hapens would from then on become a faction of great importance in the universe.

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