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  • Matt Wilkins

Beyond Thrawn (Part 4)

Say! Let's do another pick on where folks could start reading the EU! I need to mention that I still believe the Thrawn Trilogy is a great way to start but in this series I'm thinking of other places one could begin their journey in a galaxy far, far away.


For a fan of the Old Republic I believe Karpyshyn's story of Darth Bane is an excellent tale to begin with. Del Rey was right to add it to its "Essentials" collection because it's well worth your time to read. In fact, I'd add the entire trilogy would be great for someone new to the EU.

I know not everyone is in love with the original characters as I am, so I think for fans who've only played the video game and know nothing else about the Expanded Universe beyond that would enjoy this series from start to finish.

Those are my picks for other books to start with in the EU. What's yours?

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