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Beyond Thrawn (part 6)

Continuing where I left off yesterday, I believe comics are a great way to get new readers engaged in the Expanded Universe. The combination of story telling and artwork is an excellent way to soak into folks what this universe can be.

Today's pick does it better than anyone else.

If they're a fan of the Old Republic and you don't think they're much of a book reader than look no further than this excellent series by John Jackson Miller.

The main character Zayne is someone you can both relate to and cheer for as he cuts a path to his destiny in over 50 issues.

Personally, I enjoy "Tales of the Jedi" more but have to admit the opening 2 story arcs may not be engaging enough for most newbies to become invested in the story. But I think this series does a wonderful job of establishing strong characters, mysteries to be later resolved and plot twist that will surprise you.

The perfect mix for anyone wishing to know more about the EU.

I'll be back with more picks tomorrow folks!

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