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  • Brian Borg

Call to Action: tell Del Rey which EU books you'd like in unabridged audio form

Greetings everyone!

Recently it was announced that Del Rey will release new reprints of some Star Wars Expanded Universe books with new cover art!

This is excellent news as it gives us fans an opportunity to show them just how much support The Expanded Universe continues to have years after its decanonization!

More interesting to me, however, was the news that Shatterpoint is getting a new unabridged audiobook release! That is great news and opens up a whole new realm of possibilities….if we can show enough support for it.

So today I would like to call on you, fellow Star Wars Expanded Universe fans, to start spreading the word that fans would like to see more Expanded Universe books get this treatment! So many excellent Expanded Universe titles are locked behind abridged audiobooks which cut out far too much from their source material!

With Shatterpoint getting this treatment, it is entirely possible that, with enough of us supporting this move, we could see more books get this treatment!

Who wants to see the X-Wing series unabridged? Or the New Jedi Order?

So spread the word to your fellow fans where ever you can and be sure to keep your eyes open in the coming days for more organized efforts to inform Lucasfilm and Disney what we would like to see!

Thank you and may The Force be with us!


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