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Casting the EU: Joruss C'baoth

By Tim

This is a fantasy casting I’ve had in mind for many years, as far back as the first time I saw the Babylon 5 episode “Soul Hunter.” It’s William Morgan Sheppard as Joruus C’baoth. The English actor certainly had the look in the 1990s (see photos below), but it was his voice and demeanor that made him the perfect casting for the role.

Mr. Sheppard worked in science fiction throughout his career, including roles in Star Trek movies, Star Trek TV, Max Headroom, SeaQuest, and Babylon 5 (see photo below from aforementioned episode).

Joruus C’baoth was a crazed clone of Jedi Master Jorus C’baoth. Grand Admiral Thrawn found the Dark Jedi guarding the Emperor’s storehouse on Wayland. The insane C’baoth attempted to kill Thrawn after a seemingly innocuous first meeting with the old man. Thrawn perplexed C’baoth with his use of Force-cancelling ysalamiri and was able to get him to become an ally by promising several Jedi to moldas his own: Luke, Leia, and her unborn twins.

Sheppard would have filled the role of a dark Force user on the edge of sanity to the tee. As mentioned, his voice and temperament would have been the exact ingredients needed in the recipe to bring the character to life. I can hear him saying, "I killed them, of course. Just as I killed the Guardian. Just as I now kill you."

Who would you cast as Jorrus C’baoth?

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