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Casting the EU: Winter

It’s Tim from Open-Airlock Policy back with the latest Heir to the Empire casting. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the book, we’re casting the roles of the characters as if a movie were being made in the early 90s.

Up this time is Winter, Princess Leia’s adopted sister, aide, and close friend. Winter is also skilled in clandestine operations; she is a real spy. Winter is described as being tall with white hair. She had such a regal bearing that, as children, she was often assumed by visitors to be the royal princess, rather than Leia.

For the role, I wanted someone of above-average height with natural beauty but also a rough edge lurking beneath the surface. Téa Leoni works almost perfectly.

Ms. Leoni had a recurring role on the soap opera Santa Barbara. She had a small role in A League of Their Own, which starred Tom Hanks and Geena Davis. In 1992, she got something of a big break when she was cast in the lead role of Fox sitcom Flying Blind. The series only lasted one season, but it got Téa noticed, as she was cast in lead roles in 1995’s Bad Boys and 1998’s Deep Impact. She also got a second sitcom as the lead, The Naked Truth, which ran for three seasons, first on ABC and then finishing up on NBC. Given the vast array of character types and roles Téa has taken on, she could pull off the character of Winter without any problems.

In later Expanded Universe stories, Winter would pose as Leia. As shown in Bad Boys below, she looks just as great as a brunette. Téa Leoni had the versatility as a performer to play the dutiful aide, the secret agent, or the nanny and guardian to Leia’s children.

Who would you cast as Winter? Let us know in the comments below.


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