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  • Spencer Crilly

Character Spotlight: Gaeriel Captison

Gaeriel Captison was once the most important citizen on the planet Bakura. As a politician, she was a follower of the religion of Cosmic Balance. Her faith had shaped her actions from her leadership decision and her potential romance with Luke Skywalker.

As a follower of the Cosmic Balance, she believed that affluence is always matched by poverty, and happiness was matched by despair. Those who wield excessive power weaken others in the galaxy. On her 16th birthday, Gaeriel received a white feather from her parents, a sign that she could move on to higher education. This gift also foreshadowed her career as a Bakuran senator. Her sister Ylandra received a golden bowl and began to live her life of poverty.

As Gaeriel’s studies progressed, her parents were killed when the Empire annexed Bakura with brute force. Despite this loss, Gaeriel completed her academic studies and went on to pursue her post-undergraduate work on Coruscant.

When she returned to Bakura, she took a role in the Bakuran senate but had little influence on the outcomes of affairs. It was around this time that a species known as the Ssi-ruuk, the aliens had built an empire in the Unknown Regions by taking life-essences and trapping them in the power batteries of their large machines.

Governor Nereus asked the Empire for assistance but Emperor Palpatine, who was the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, had recently perished and it was instead the Rebel Alliance who answered the planet's pleas for help. Both sides created the first truce between the Imperial and Rebeliion forces. Of all the rebels, Gaeriel took an interest in the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. Though the religion of the Cosmic Balance stated that all Jedi were greedy. Yet, Gaeriel found herself drawn to Luke. Luke too was also drawn close to Gaeriel. He sensed her connection to the Force and wanted her to be a companion. However, the relationship did not work out. Luke's actions during the Ssi-ruuk invasion improved her views of the Jedi, she was too devoted to her home world which led to her and Luke parting on friendly terms.

Bakura would join the New Republic. Gaeriel would eventually fall in love with and marry Pter Thanas a former commander of the Imperial garrison. She became Prime Minister of Bakura and created the warships the Watchkeeper, Sentinel, Defender, and Intruder, that could defend them from the return of the Ssi-ruuk. She and Thanas would also have their first child, a daughter named Malinza.

When Malinza was three, her father was diagnosed with Knowt’s disease. He would soon pass away. Gaeriel would retire from politics, but soon would be reacquainted with Luke Skywalker. The New Republic needed battleships to stop a Corellian insurrection. She would accompany these battleships on their mission as the condition for letting the New Republic utilize them. Republic

Above Centerpoint Station, the Bakuran fleet clashed with the armada of the Saorrian Triad. The enemy’s suicidal robot ram ships collided with the intruder destroying her hull. Gaeriel was severely wounded. When several Triad ships approached, she activated the self-destruct sequence.

Gaeriel’s death helped bring victory to the New Republic. Her daughter was adopted. Luke Skywalker helped pay for her education and he and his future wife, Mara Jade Skywalker would go and visit Malinza many times.



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