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  • Spencer Crilly

Character Spotlight: Kueller

Luke Skywalker first met Kuller when he was known as Dolph, force sensitive man from Almania. Since the campaign of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Almania had suffered under the regime of the Je’har. After training for about a year at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Praxeum, Dolph received terrible news from his home planet. He returned home to find his parents murdered by the Je’har. This angered the young Jedi learner deeply.

His training was unfinished, and he knew little about the Force, yet he knew enough to be a dangerous threat. Filled with grief and guilt, Dolph fell deep into the dark side. He would don a Hendanyn death mask and would rename himself Kueller, an avenger of Almania.

Now a Dark Jedi, Kueller wielded supernatural powers of destruction. He soon attracted an army and began a war with the Je’har. Several months later, Kueller contacted Brakiss, another lost student of Skywalker, and began to put into place the next phase of his plan.

Kueller swooped in and healed the psychological scars that Brakiss had received and promoted him to the operator of the Telti droid planets. To return this act, Brakiss installed remote-activated bombs inside each of the droids he produced. Kueller ensured the droids would end up in the right hands for two years. He also destroyed the last of the Je’har.

Thirteen years after the Battle of Endor, Kueeller struck against the New Republic. His droids exploded on the Almanian moon of Pydyr and in the New Republic senate chamber. Luke Skywalker followed the bombing trails to Almania, where he quickly recognized his former student as the terrorist behind this plot. Kueller would capture Skywalker and order his sister, Leia Organ Solo, to surrender the New Republic to him.

To prove the seriousness of his claims, he exterminated the population of the moon Auyemesh with more bomb droids. Believing she had no choice, Leia stepped down as Chief of State. She flew to Almania with a small armada led by Wedge Antilles.

Skywalker had already escaped but was forced into a lightsaber duel with Kueller. Skywalker overpowered him. Kueller attempted to detonate the droids but was foiled as R2-D2 deactivated the signal. Leia then took and shot Kueller. As he lay dead, Leia removed his mask, revealing the face that still looked like the young face of Dolph.

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