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Characters from the Holiday Special: Lumpy

Oh boy, where do I start with this clown?

Lumpy is Chewie's son who is extremely childish and weird throughout the special. Hat's off to Michael P Kube-McDowell for taking those characteristics and infusing it into a story arc for when Lumy got older and wasn't the Wookie Chewbacca had hoped he'd grow up to be.

I was surprised how Lumpy wasn't brought in as Han's co-pilot after Chewie's death, but once it was explained in the NJO novels I understood. Han didn't need any further reminders of his long lost friend while working through his grieving period.

One thing I failed to mention in an earlier post was that all of Chewie's family got to start in a children's story back in '79. It wasn't that good and it came out to "capitalize" on the disaster (or masterpiece?) The Holiday Special was.

Not really something you need to track down but I'm guessing anyone reading this post already has or plans to in the near future.

I should also mention how happy I was for the Black Fleet Crisis, to give Chewie's entire family proper wookie names instead of the nicknames bestowed upon them in the film.

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