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Characters from the Holiday Special: Malla

"Tis the Season" as they say, so for Life Day I've decided to break down some of the characters from the Star Wars Holiday Special for the month of December and today that begins with Malla.

Known as the wife of Chewbecca Malla had several appearances in the Expanded Universe. See was featured in A.C. Crispin's Han Solo trilogy as well as Black Fleet Crisis. She also made an appearance in the original Marvel comic series as well as in the first Issue of the comic titled "Chewbacca"

She was in the short story "A Forest Apart" and a few novels from the NJO (Agents of Chaos and the Unifying Force)

Though she didn't do much and rarely left her home planet, Malla was depicted as a proud mother, who loved her husband, understood his duties to the life debt that took him away and treated Han Solo as family too.

Of course knowing that Wookies live almost 3 times as long as Wookies, I'm sure Malla thought this Life Debt would be temporary and she'd have her husband back in the later years as they grew old together and watched their son become a man.

Unfortunately that was not the case.

I missed opportunity within the EU was not to show more memories of Chewbacca from Malla. We see how Chewies father mourned his loss but I always felt Malla's reaction was generic of a mourning wife.

On the other hand, I'm glad Malla didn't become a bigger part of the NJO once Chewie was gone because that wouldn't have complimented Han's story arc in the series.

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