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Characters from the Holiday Special: Mermeia

You knew I was going to talk about her after Itchy's article came out. It was only a matter of time and that now.

Nothing much to say about this person because she never made another appearance in the EU, which is a shame. I think there were plenty of times some slick author could've referenced her in their books but didn't because they either didn't care for or had never seen the Holiday Special.

But with what want on with Itchy, you'd think SOMEONE would've made the joke right?

But when researching this topic I made a shocking discovery. Kevin J Anderson once stated in an interview that Mermeia was the basis for his design of the character Qui Xux!!

The feathered hair? WHO KNEW RIGHT?

And after I read that I can totally imagine it too. It's how I pictured Qui Xux in my head all along but never made the connection until reading that. So could she and Qui Xux have been of the same species in the EU?

I'm sure they weren't but it's cool to think it could've happened if one author had given in.

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1 Comment

Jan 12, 2022

I can see what Mermeia would not be featured in the EU past the Holiday Special, she was just a sexual fantasy of Itchy from the Proton Pack. Unless I misinterpreted the scene.

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