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Characters from the Holiday Special: Saun Dann

Saun Dann. Outside of this special, there's no other mention about him in the EU, so I'll tell you what I know from the TV special.

Played by the legendary comedian Art Carny (The Honeymooners) the actor was literally told to reprise his Honeymooners character Ed but "in space"

What we get is from him is outdated jokes and skits that were 20 years past their prime.

It's not really his fault but the directors I guess. They grew up loving him on TV and wanted him to slyly reprise that role again for them here. I even read where the actor player the Imperial Guard was honored to play the straight man in the "Bully vs the Idiot" performance they put on for the special.

Yet the finished product was far from funny and ended up being humorless and dull. That being said, I'm not sure why they didn't go ahead and put in a laugh track for the special. Oddly enough, it might have helped people crack a smile at all his worn out gags.

It's funny because I remember my first time seeing this and saying "Hey! It The Archer from Batman!"

If you get that joke, you just gave away your age.



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