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Chuck Wendig to write Sword of the Jedi

In a surprise announcement Lucasfilm has hired former New York Times best selling author Chuck Wendig to resurrect the previously discontinued "Sword of the Jedi" from the old Expanded Universe canon.

It's reported that this will indeed take place within the "Legends" universe and will be out early this summer. As stated on their website:

We are pleased to announce that after the massive writers block we're having within the new canon, that our best option is to create more stories from the Expanded Universe so that we can plan out future movies loosely based off the same characters and concepts.

A bigger surprise was the decision to bring back controversial author Chuck Wendig, who has a long history of raging against Star Wars fans. Wendig, who was released from Del Rey to write any more Star Wars novels has apologized to the fans and Lucasfilm for his outburst and unprofessional behavior and has since been welcomed back into the fold.

On Twitter he had this to say:

When asked on Twitter when the trilogy would be completed Wendig had this to say:

Since it's a 3-book series we're talking about here, it's going to take some time. I'd say at least 10 days.

Here's to looking forward to future EU novels being announce on April Fool's Day.

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