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Collecting the Galaxy: 3 Packs

Time to talk more toys! And here's a few I never knew existed until now! How many people walking down the toy aisle with their kids would recognize ANY of the names on this box. Sure, if they played X-Wing on floppy disk in the 90's they may know Farlander. But to see an actual toy of him sitting on the shelf is surreal.

Another amazing 3 pack is this one. Everyone knew who Maul was but would the average Star Wars fan recognize the other two?

Again, I don't collect the toys anymore but I never knew there was a Bane figure collected in the first place!

I can see the EU fan walking down the aisle and saying "NO WAY?!" and snatching it up immediately for purchase.

I loved how so much attention from the EU was given by Hasbro back in the day. Makes you wonder why they don't do MORE characters from the EU now.

Why toy sales dipping universally, you'd think they'd try anything to sell?

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