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Collecting the Galaxy: CAP-2

Continuing my coverage on the Kenner toy line, I thought today I'd go back to the Empire Strikes Back series and talk about another vehicle, never shown in the movies but which only existed in Kenner's EU.

The CAP-2's purpose was to hunt rebels down on the planet Hoth. Its looks are similar to the Probe Droid shown in the movie but with legs and longer appendages. As you can tell from the cover of the box, there's a place to hold your captive rebel.

Never had this one as a kid but can imagine the adventures it would bring to your playing sessions. I also love how in the picture, Vader looks pissed while the stormtroopers are stunned and Bossk is like "Whaaaaat? What'd I do?!"

1 comment

1 Comment

Jan 13, 2021

LOL, that last sentence is very nice.

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