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Collecting the Galaxy: Comic 2 Pack (Part 2)

Hasbro made several of these and its easy to see why. They offered the opportunity to showcase more Star Wars characters and give average fans a look into who they were.

Though we'll never know, I wonder how many of these 2 packs brought people into reading the Expanded Universe?

Think about it. A kid gets this, opens it up, read the comic and says "I want to know more!" And then goes to his local comic store to collect more comics!

I've never had anyone tell me that's how they got into the EU but I think it'd make for an awesome story if it were true.

Nathan Butler has to be happy they made characters based off his short story from Star Wars Tales.

By the way, I'm not even showing ALL the comic 2 packs that came out back in the day either. There were several of these out in the market.

I'm guessing Dark Horse provided a special print run for these issues too. I'm sure they didn't pull it from their stock.

That wraps up our talks on the EU toy line folks. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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09 févr. 2021

The Tra Sa and Thome figures are super rare! Costs around 300 USD to get a hold of

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