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  • Matt Wilkins

Collecting the Galaxy: Comic 2 Packs (Part 1)

One of the greatest ideas the toy company ever had was the comic 2 pack. Look at that! Fey'lya AND Wedge firgures for one low cost. SOLD!

What an incredibly bright idea someone came up with when they thought of these. Lumiya and Luke from the old Marvel comic? YES PLEASE!

These I DID know about when they came out but didn't have the money to spare to start collecting them. But I wish I had a Darth Krayt sitting in my living room right now!

I don't know how they made the selection of which comics and figures to print but I say they did a fine job of it.

And yes, these go for a high price on line if you're trying to get them second hand. Look at that! Ulic and Exar in one package!!!

I absolutely love that they did this. It makes sense. Kid buys figures AND gets to read a comic featuring them in it! Beautiful. The Baron with the Ice Queen!!

I'll showcase more tomorrow. Until then...did anyone see Delilah Blue as hot or was it just me?

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