• Matt Wilkins

Collecting the Galaxy: Desert Sail Skiff

This mini-rig vehicle was made to resemble Jabba's sail barge to indicate that this was part of his entourage. As a kid I could've sworn these were in the movies but they were not.

These made for the perfect toy to replace the more expensive vehicles in the set. In fact, I doubt most parents even knew the difference back in the day. They just saw a cheap gift their kids would enjoy.

As with all the toys I'm showcasing this week, they can run a pretty penny if you're looking to find them in the box. Out of the box it depends on when you check Ebay but most of the Kenner toys are available to purchase (used) online due to their consistent popularity with collectors.

Gone are the days when people throw an old Star Wars toy today....unless it deals with the newer movies that is.

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