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Collecting the Galaxy: Endor Forest Ranger

This Kenner vehicle has an odd tale.

It was made to be apart of your Endor playset and (as all mini-rigs) not featured in the film. Though this exact vehicle did make an appearance in an X-men/New Mutants comic around the same time.

The story behind it isn't revealed only that it was. The source came from an old article from Oct 14, 2014 on

From the looks of the box, one would put his action figure in the rig and drive it around the moon of Endor for fast travel.

As a kid, I probably wouldn't have been thrilled to get this one. It has nothing to do with Ewoks and doesn't look very fun. The retail value for most of these were $4.99 so I know why they had appeal in the market at the time.

Action figures only cost $2.99 and to get a vehicle with it for only 2 bucks more would seem like a deal for anyone!

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