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  • Matt Wilkins

Collecting the Galaxy: Star Tours

As EU fans, we sometimes forget there was a ride at Disney World once, that had roots in the Expanded Universe.

I rode it every time I visited the parks and though it's gone now it still lives on in our memories....and toys!

There were several unique toys for that were exclusive only in the parks that Star Wars fans could purchase. I have to admit, these droids looked interesting.

Though not many ever made the crossover to print in the EU, it was tempting to pick some up during my trips there.

The coolest one was the ship. And if it didn't cost an arm and a leg, I'd have one sitting on my shelf right now.

I do wish the EU would've incorporated it a little more in the novels and comics. A few more winks towards the ride wouldn't have hurt.

I doubt these are still for sale at the parks now that the rides gone so if you got them back them, count yourself as "lucky" Because I don't think Disney's ever bringing it back.

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