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  • Dylan Kling

EU by the numbers: breakdown of the Star Wars Legends authors

Last week I posted an article ranking the Star Wars EU authors based on the aggregated ratings each of their books had received from the over 1.5 million user ratings on the five major book rating sites. I concluded saying that I had more about the authors that I had to share, but had to wait as that last article was getting long enough. Well today I have the remaining data I got from the authors.

The first thing I wanted to share was the tables ranking each author based on the number of ratings they received. This is simply just a tally of every user on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and anobii that left a rating for the books these authors wrote for the Star Wars Legends universe. I took both the total number of star ratings they had, and divided the total star ratings by how many books they had written to get the following two tables. I also included how many books each author wrote next to their name just for context.

(Left Total Ratings, Right Ratings per Book)

It will probably come to no surprise that the left table has the authors with more books at the top. I do find it more interesting to compare the two, like how Kevin J Anderson is second in total ratings, but 36th when his 21 novels are taken into account. Or how Drew Karpyshyn is only 5th on the total ratings list but a very close third in the ratings per book. Honestly there's too many interesting things to go over so I'll leave that for you to find. Honestly don't just skim through this list, take your time and look and you'll find some amazing things.

Finally I wanted to see which books were each author's best and worst by this metric. Now obviously there are 25 authors with only one Star Wars Legends book under their belt so these have been ignored as their best and worst book would obviously be the same. I took the remaining 47 authors and listed them in alphabetical order by first name. With that we get the following.

So with that I have shared everything I have about the authors from the data I have collected. As always let us know what you think, anything you've noticed about the data that I didn't, and what else you'd like me to look into with this data. I do have more and will be sharing it this Friday, so stay tuned for that.

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