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EU by the Numbers: ranking all the Star Wars Legends novels

In the previous installments for this series I went over the rankings and some additional break downs of the data I had collected from both the adult and YA novels in Star wars Legends. This data being the over 1.5 million user star ratings given to these books across five major user book rating aggregator sites. In each of those I looked at just the Adult books on their own, then the YA books on their own. So in this article I will be combining both lists into one overall list to see where each book in these lists stacks up with each other.

Now to get the full rundown of how I got these numbers you can do so here but as a quick recap I looked at the ratings left by the users reviewing these books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and anobii. Each of these websites had users review on a five star rating level and all seem to calculate them based on weighted average. So I combined the user scores of all five also using weighted averages to get each book's rating out of five.

Combining both of the lists gives an average rating of 3.78 stars, which is also almost exactly right in between the average of the adult and YA books list. Standard deviation was 0.269 stars which is closer to the YA number than the adult number. Again the greater variability in the YA books is mainly responsible for this, especially at the lower end as the graph of the standard deviation shows.

Again we see a wider graph with a long tail at the lower end. As for the list itself if you have been following this series you should know what is on there so I will post them starting from top to bottom. But as a reminder these are again not my opinions, only what the data from the over 1.5 million user star ratings state. Star rating is out of five, and total ratings is how many people left a rating for that book.

I'm actually incredibly surprised how well some of the YA books rank on this list, though they do make up a majority of the bottom of the list it is interesting to see them break the conventional wisdom than a book written for children would not be of the same quality as a book written for adults. That being said this doesn't tell the full story, like how the YA books tend to have a lower number of ratings than their adult counterparts and other things I will get into when I go into this list with more detail tomorrow.

But until then what are your thoughts on this list and is there anything that you think should be higher or lower? Let us know in the comments.

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Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson
Aug 30, 2021

I'm surprised Shadows of the Empire is 132. That in my opinion is one of the most iconic and impactful EU books, not necessarily in terms of story but in terms of mainstream appeal. It has a decent amount of reviews but I would have expected even more, like almost on par with the Thrawn trilogy.

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