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EU Tournament Time!!!

It's that time again fans! Starting next week the EU Tournament 2020 will begin!

This year we'll be voting on our favorite authors. Whether it's adult fiction, short stories, young adult or children's novels, there's a good chance you're favorite author is among them.

So how does this work? Every couple of days we'll be providing new polls featuring the various match ups of each author. I limited time will be provided so be sure to continue to check back with us for updates!

Winners for each round will be posted as will fun commentary from a wide arrange of our contributors.

Want to know what the bracket looks like? Click on the picture above to download a copy of the bracket. Fill it out, make predictions, share with your friends! Truly March Madness is upon us and its better than ever before!

Feel free to share with everyone so that they can get into the fun as well. You may even want to let your favorite author know they're up for a vote and get their fans involved. It's sure to be a fun time all around!

Who will be upset in the brackets? Who's destined to win it all and be crowned this years champion? We don't know, but we're interested to find out.

See you next week EU fans!

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