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Fan-driven billboard campaign asks Lucasfilm for more Legends

Four years ago Star Wars fans put up a billboard near Lucasfilm headquarters asking them to continue the Expanded Universe stories. They've done it again and have doubled the size of the campaign.

Last October, fans contributed the necessary $6,000 for not one but two billboard messages to be placed in San Francisco this April. The billboards are on Lombard, the main route many Lucasfilm employees take to work.

The first billboard can be seen below:

And the second:

The Star Wars Expanded Universe (now branded Legends) stretched over hundreds of novels, comics and short stories that expanded and deepened the universe originally created by George Lucas. It lasted over 37 years until the 2014 Lucasfilm decision to decanonize and discontinue the existing Expanded Universe continuity.

But Expanded Universe fans aren’t asking for a reboot; instead, they're respectfully asking for a continuation of the Legends storyline along a parallel path the new canon stories. The movement for more Legends has grown since 2014 and since the first billboard campaign in 2016. The current billboard fundraising effort raised more in half the time it took the first time around, a signal of Legends interest that Lucasfilm shouldn’t overlook.

The group that initiated the campaign is the Twin Suns Foundation, a charitable organization that donates hundreds of Star Wars books each year to children around the country.

On their website it states:

Twin Suns Foundation congratulates Lucasfilm on its successful new trilogy, and many more Star Wars projects to come. And, after five years of waiting for new Legends, we gratefully accepted Marvel Star Wars 108 in May, the first new Expanded Universe graphic novel story since 2014! With the close of the Skywalker Saga set in the new canon timeline - and building on our desire to enjoy new Legends content and increase our charitable reach

Though the timing of the coranavirus pandemic impacts the number of people able to see the billboards, it’s comforting to see Star Wars fans united in their quest to ask Lucasfilm for more Legends stories.

In 2019 Marvel printed Star Wars #108, a continuance of the original Marvel storyline which takes place within the Legends Universe. This comic was highly celebrated by fans and whet their appetite for more.

In 2012 fans of the soft drink Surge raised money to erect a billboard next to Coca-Cola’s headquarters asking for a continuation of the drink. Coca-cola listened and now Surge is available today. Here’s to hoping Lucasfilm does the same and agrees with fans that more Star Wars, is better for everyone.

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