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Fan petition to reissue Young Jedi Knights

A fan-driven petition (which you can sign here if you'd like) advocates for Lucasfilm to greenlight the reissue of the now out-of-print Young Jedi Knight series. From the opening paragraph of the petition:

"We, the loyal fans of the Star Wars franchise would like to kindly request the reprinting of the epic “Young Jedi Knight” series. The names of Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta and David Dorman are still very popular in the ever-growing Expanded Universe community. We cherish the 40+ year history of Legends and would like to preserve and pass on these adventures to the next generation of fans!"

Author Kevin J Anderson has already retweeted his support for the cause!

To learn more about the petition and how you can help, click the links above, and follow the petition creator's updates at their Facebook group here: or their YouTube channel here:


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