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  • Jason Dietzel

Force Organizations: Blackguard

First appearing in the Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG, the Blackguard is a dark side group that features a millennia-long existence. The group traces its roots back to the waning years of the New Sith Wars, circa 1,000 BBY, when its founder, Vulta Daanat, left the Brotherhood of Darkness. Daanat was the pupil of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Skere Kaan, during the waning days of the New Sith Wars.

Daanat would eventually come to philosophical differences with Lord Kaan, regarding the Force, culminating in a confrontation. Daanat came to believe that the Force was a tool that could be used beyond merely gaining personal power, instead believing the Force could be used to gain a deeper understanding of the universe. In this confrontation, Daanat was badly injured and left for dead by his former master. However, Daanat did survive and left the Brotherhood of Darkness.

Viewing the Sith as shortsighted, he decided to create his own Force tradition, trekking the galaxy both for Force artifacts and apprentices. Eventually he would settle on the planet Mustafar and started the Blackguard. Along with the view about the Force being a doorway to a better understanding of the universe, Daanat also introduced the philosophy that the Force wasn’t either dark or light, but that the user had to be in balance with both, much like the Jed’aii Order long ago.

It is unclear if Daanat carried over any teachings from his former master; ie: mind tricks, military strategy, battle meditation, and lightsaber and Force combat techniques. However, he did structure the Blackguard’s hierarchy similarly to the contemporary Sith and Jedi orders. Students were ranked as Minion and Elite Minion, based off the Jedi’s youngling and padawan, respectively. Likewise, the Wilder and Elite Wilder ranks are akin to the Jedi Knight and Jedi Master. And the Kursk, like the Jedi’s Grand Master, is the leader of the Blackguard.

The organization also had three specialized ranks: Marauder, Trinity Assassin, and Ravager. The Ravagers were guards tasked with the defense of their main base. Marauders travel the galaxy and infiltrate other Force organizations in order to study their traditions, and Trinity Assassins were to protect relics and eliminate anyone who was deemed to be an enemy.

Through the millennia, the organization survived on Mustafar – even evading notice of the Separatists – before they were systematically eliminated shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star, circa 1 ABY. The Kursk at the time, San’sii, sought to enhance the strength of the Blackguard and so breaking with tradition, allowed non-Force sensitives to join. The Blackguard’s ranks swelled, leading many to consider them a paramilitary than a Force group.

However, this growth would be their downfall when spacers came, and at the behest of an archaeologist, wiped out most, if not all of the Blackguard in what would be known as the Blackguard Purge. It is unclear if any members survived abroad. If they did, their presence was not made known or more likely they absorbed into other Force groups.

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