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  • Jason Dietzel

Force Organizations: Disciples of Twilight

The Disciples of Twilight got their start within the halls of the Jedi Order. Around 900 BBY, a group of colonists settled on the moon Dyspeth, located in the Varada sector of the Outer Rim. However, they grew disenfranchised with the Republic and severed ties with the government in Corsucant. Alone on a strange, dark world, the new Dyspeth denizens struggled to eke out a living.

However, the answer to their struggles came from a woman only known as Twilight. Rumored to be a former Jedi, she rallied other Force-sensitive colonists to form a new organization, the Disciples of Twilight, to protect the people in the harsh darkness of the moon. Remaining apolitical, the Disciples of Twilight swore an oath to protect not only the people from the harsh environment, but also the weak so they would not fall prey to the powerful.

This oath to protect the weak led to the Disciples of Twilight accepting “shadowy justice” to enforce their idea of what is just. One could say the environment influenced the philosophy and practices of the organization. The disciples used the Force to hone their senses for their dark surroundings, adapting to gain low-light vision, known as Shadow Vision. The disciples also used the Force to augment their ability to detected concealed enemies.

And, much like the Fallanassi, the Disciples of Twilight mastered the rare skill of Force cloak. However, the disciples used both the light and the darkness to utilize this ability. The used the Force to bend light around their bodies, rendering themselves nearly invisible. Adding this skill into the dark nature of Dyspeth’s environment, and anyone unfamiliar with the location would have little chance to detect an expert in the group.

In a way, the Disciples of Twilight were a local, Force-sensitive version of the GenoHaradin, or the DC Universe’s League of Shadows…only with noble intentions; Green Arrow or an adult version of Robin Hood, if you will. It is unknown if they utilized a lightsaber, or any weapon, but given the nature of Dyspeth, Force-imbued daggers made the most sense.



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