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  • Jason Dietzel

Force Organizations: Ela b’Yentarr

by Jason Dietzel

Ela b’Yentarr is the name given to Force-sensitive members of the Bosph species. Its name derives from the spirit-like deities the Bosph worship, known as the Yentarr, and that the Force is a manifestation of power of these spirits. Much like the Jedi and other Force groups, the Bosph believe the Yentarr are responsible for any unexplainable phenomenon.

Bosph society is portioned off into a variety of factions, each one representing some aspect of Bosph life. At the head of each faction of society are the Ela b’Yentarr. When Bosph are first identified as Force-sensitive, they are placed into training and eventually guided to whichever faction their Force powers are the strongest in. Three such factions were the Farseers, Gamefinders, and Sickhealers.

Farseers were the philosophers in Bosph society, so were given access to teachings and historical records of great Bosph thinkers. Gamefinders were the hunter/gather class in society and honed Force powers – like Force sense and precognition – to aid in their hunting techniques. Lastly, the Sickhealers were the medical wardens in Bosph society. Their task was to use the Force to heal the body and cure ailments, using powers like Force heal, Control pain, and Cure disease.

Each faction did have a slightly different moral code to live by, but all Ela b’Yentarr recognized the responsibility of wielding such power, so though it wasn’t forbidden to utilize the dark side of the Force, the Ela b’Yentarr were cautious not to let such power consume them for nefarious gain.

Practitioners did believe that their ability to draw upon the power of the Yentarr derived from completing routine rituals. By engaging in these rituals, the Ela b’Yentarr believed the spirits of the Yentarr would come to them and bestow their power on them. If these rituals were not practiced, they believed they would lose the ability to use the Force.

The Ela b’Yentarr were the only group in Bosph society allowed the right of ownership, using a special pendant to lay claim to any object. Unclaimed items were considered collectively owned by the rest of Bosph society. If there was a dispute in ownership between two Ela b’Yentarr, a duel would commence between the conflicting parties. These duels could be mental duels and could be to the death.

When the Bosph were first discovered by Republic scouts, following the Ruusan Reformation, the Ela b’Yentarr chose to keep their people independent and isolated from such galactic affairs. However, with the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Ela b’Yentarr met a similar fate as the Jedi. Upon learning of the Bosph society being ruled by Force users, Emperor Palpatine had its leadership, the Ela b’Yentarr, nearly eradicated.

It is unclear if this genocide was part of Order 66 or part of future political endeavors to solidify Palpatine’s hold over the galaxy. Regardless, the bombardment of Bosph had its desired affect and the vast majority of Ela b’Yentarr were killed. The only known member of the Force group to have survived was a Farseer named Bora Boru, who was off world at the time. Bora Boru would leave his old life behind and become a smuggler.

There is no record of the founding of the Ela b’Yentarr and it can be assumed the order dissolved when their homeworld of Bosph was bombarded by the Empire. The group was first identified as the Ela b’Yentarr in Star Wars Adventure Journal 13 – Alien Encounters.

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