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  • Jason Dietzel

Force Organizations: Kilian Rangers By Jason Dietzel

Ever wonder what a Force user would look like with a splash from the colonial era and a medieval vibe? Look no further than the Kilian Rangers. Only mentioned in the novelization of The Clone Wars, this obscure Force organization absorbs attributes from these other genres. During the waning years of the New Sith Wars and subsequent Ruusan Reformation, human settlers on the planet Kilia IV, in the Unknown Regions, were disconnected from the rest of the galaxy. In order to help settlers thrive on the planet, Force adepts formed the Kilian Rangers. As the Kilian civilization developed into an aristocracy of nobles, the Kilian Rangers adopted the role of serving both the hierarchy and the common citizen. The Rangers valued chivalry, justice and the rule of law, and similar to their Jedi counterparts, would enlist Force-sensitive children into their ranks around puberty. Similar to the Jedi, the Kilian Rangers had three main positions: Squires (apprentices), Rangers and Lords. However, their sect had it set up so that at any one given time, there was never more than five members: one Lord, two Rangers and two Squires. At some point following their founding, circa 1,000 BBY, the Kilian Rangers experienced a schism and the Renegades, their dark side counterparts, were formed. However, it is unclear what became of the Renegades, nor are there any details about any conflicts between these two Force groups. Being on a remote planet in the Unknown Regions, the Kilian Rangers did not have access to advanced technology or lightsabers. As a result, the group focused its training around “shield and sword” weaponry. The Rangers utilized shield gauntlets, much like the energy shields Gungans used, to absorb and deflect shots from energy weapons. The Rangers also used a Siang lance, which was an antiquated hunting blaster fitted with a bayonet. The Kilian Rangers used the Force to augment their ability to deflect blaster fire using their shield gauntlets and imbuing the bayonet on their Siang lance. However, their ability at deflection was rudimentary, so they were only able to redirect the energy bolts back at their targets if they were not too far away. Automatic fire was limited to several meters in redirection. The only known Kilian Ranger is Lord Gajakur Biul, but any details about his life remain a mystery. Likewise, the fate of the Kilian Rangers is unknown come the Great Purge. Kilia IV and the Kilian Rangers were reintroduced into the greater galaxy with the rise of the Galactic Empire, but it is unknown if the Rangers befell the same fate as the Jedi during that era.

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