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  • Jason Dietzel

Force Organizations: Luka Sene

Returning to the Knights of the Old Republic era, the Luka Sene are a Miralukan Force group headquartered on their homeworld of Alpheridies. The organization was first introduced in the Iridonian Darkness campaign from Wizard of the Coast’s Star War Roleplaying Game, taking place during the Jedi Civil War.

The Miraluka were a near-human species that lacked eyes, but still retaining vestigial eye sockets. Instead of relying on ocular vision to perceive the natural world, the Miraluka evolved an inherent Force vision. Most Miraluka had this basic ability to use the Force, for sight, but a certain population within the species had an advanced connection to the Force.

Those with this enhanced ability in the Force formed the Luka Sene and spread their academies throughout Alpheridies and their other colony worlds; others who were found to have this extra gift to use the Force were taken to these learning centers and taught how to hone their powers.

Given their specie’s natural ability to see with the Force, the Luka Sene were extraordinarily strong users of Sense powers. Such powers included farsight, Force sense and Force aura, where they could see another person’s “glow” in the Force; darksiders and lightsiders would expel a different hue to signify their alignment in the Force, as well as strength in the Force.

Like the Jedi, the Luka Sene viewed the Force through the light-dark dichotomy, devoting their education and development in the light side. Members very strong in the Force would become Mentors, akin to Master in the Jedi Order. Mentors would act as liaisons, whether to the Jedi or other official bodies, but many remained on Alpheridies to teach students in their learning centers.

Due to the organization’s adherence to the light side, if one of their members turned to the dark side, the order would dispatch Sene Seekers to confront the individual(s) and return them, if able. However, besides the occasional ambassadorial role of Mentors or Sene Seekers missions, few Luka Sene traveled the galaxy.

However, that all seemed to change following the Jedi Civil War, especially during the conflicts with Vitiate’s Sith Empire centuries later, as many Miraluka overlooked the Luka Sene and joined the Jedi Order. It is unknown if the Luka Sene survived as an order following the wars with the reconstituted Sith Empire, but it is known the Miraluka people suffered greatly – due to their species’ inherent connection to the Force – during the Great Jedi Purge and the war with the Yuuzhan Vong.

As a species, the Miraluka did undergo a philosophical shift in their view of the Force, and it is unknown if this affected the Luka Sene or not. At some point, the Miraluka worshiped the deities of Ashla and Bogan, part of the Greater Force philosophy. This philosophical rebirth also saw the Miraluka people reject the concept of good and evil and instead respect life and death.

The first mentioned member of the Luka Sene is Jirany Sha, a Sene Seeker tasked with capturing the renegade Zabrak, Acaadi. Jirany Sha is encountered in the Iridonian Darkness campaign, where she is attempting to track down the Zabrak, whom is believed to be using Luka Sene teachings to corrupt others into joining the Sith. It is unclear if she was successful in capturing or killing the Iridonian.

Other Miraluka have left their territory to join the Jedi Order. Given their prowess in the Force, it could be assumed they were at one time members of the Luka Sene. Noab Hulis and Shoaneb Culu would become the first noted Miralukans to achieve the ranks of Master and Knight, respectively, fighting Exar Kun during the Great Sith War. Master Sabla-Mandibu fought during the New Sith Wars and helped in the Ruusan Reformation. Jerec was an Imperial Inquisitor who served the Galactic Empire, murdering the great Master Qu Rahn.

Like many Force organizations dating back to the era of the Old Republic, the Luka Sene have a limited exposure in the greater galaxy, and are begging to have their order’s history fleshed out in future stories. Hopefully one day, the Luka Sene will have their saga told.

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