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  • Jason Dietzel

Force Organizations: The Doomed

By: Jason Dietzel

The Doomed is a Force organization that got its start on the planet Kesh, dating back to the Hundred Years Darkness conflict between the Jedi Order and Ajunta Pall’s Dark Jedi. Following the climactic Battle of Corbos that ended the Hundred Years Darkness in 6,900 BBY, the surviving Dark Jedi were exiled across the galaxy. While some of these Dark Jedi would go on to create the Sith Order and become content ruling their own corner of the galaxy, one such Dark Jedi, Remulus Dreypa, wished to seek vengeance against the Jedi and the Republic.

Dreypa commandeered a starship and tried to return the fight to his enemies. However, a Jedi patrol ship intercepted them and chased Dreypa and his crew across the galaxy, until both starships were overcome by the extraordinarily strong magnetic fields of the planet Kesh somewhere in Wild Space. With both ships crippled and communications severed, the Jedi and Dark Jedi forces re-engaged in their bitter rivalry, devasting the planet in what would become known to the Keshiri as the “Great Calamity.”

During this cataclysmic conflict, Drepya called forth Leviathan, enormous creatures that would one day be called Sithspawn for being conjured by Sith sorcerers. However, Drepya’s minions eventually became weary of their master’s blind vengeance and turned on him, trapping him in stasis oubliette. Coming to peace with the Jedi, the two groups agreed to atone for their devastation of Kesh by vanishing to the polar continent of Eshkrene.

Once in exile, the Jedi and Dark Jedi shed these titles and created a new Force organization known as the Doomed. Their goal was to find a “true neutrality” between the light side and dark side of the Force. The Doomed also developed a pacifistic ideology to their existence, only relying on violence as a last resort, and came to view their Force sensitivity as a curse.

For almost four millennia, the Doomed observed the Keshiri, choosing not to intervene when the Sith also crash landed on the planet and slowly subjugated the planet. However, their paths would eventually cross when the Grand Lord of the Lost Tribe of Sith deducted that Force-sensitives had previously visited from ancient Keshiri texts. He sent scouts to find the descendants of these “Protectors” and “Destructors” who battled in the “Great Calamity.”

A scouting party, which included the Grand Lord’s daughter, found the Doomed on Eshkrene, where they were introduced to the organization’s history and philosophy. However, when the crew heard about the Doomed’s “Great Weapon” – Dreypa in stasis – they successfully launched a prison break, freeing the slumbering Dark Jedi. With the crew under his allegiance, Dreypa returned to the territory of the Lost Tribe in an attempt to rule the planet.

Like Dreypa’s first war on the planet, his second war against the Lost Tribe and Keshiri proved equally destructive. Once again using his amulet, he conjured Leviathan to enact brutal casualties on the Sith. Even with the help of the Doomed, the forces of Kesh struggled to counter Dreypa’s carnage. Discovering the true history of the Doomed only angered Dreypa more, as he made it his mission to eradicate the organization for betraying him.

Dreypa did just that, systematically destroy the Doomed one member at a time. However, when he captured and tortured one of the Doomed, he discovered there was still an operational starship being protected by the Doomed and set out to find it. Finding this knowledge encouraged Dreypa to finish the job, killing the leader of the Doomed, eradicating the group, and discovering the location of the starship.

Angered by an earlier betrayal by Dreypa, the leader of the scouting party who allied with the Dark Jedi, took the starship in an attempt at escape. But, when it was revealed that his former master held his love interest captive, the Grand Lord’s daughter, he returned. However, he used the starship’s armaments to destroy the Sithspawn, and allowing Dreypa to board the ship, rigged the autopilot on a collision course with a volcano.

The expedition leader and his love interest were able to abandon ship, leaving Dreypa to his untimely death. The Doomed were heralded as guardian angels who sacrificed themselves for the Sith on Kesh and added into the Lost Tribe’s lore as heroes who stopped the “Great Weapon.” The sacrifice of the Doomed helped the Lost Tribe slowly resolidify their unity, preparing them for a return to the greater galaxy about three millennia later.

The Doomed organization’s legacy spanned almost four millennia, starting circa 6,900 BBY and lasting until its destruction in the year 2,974 BBY. However, despite this longevity, their only appearance was in the Lost Tribe of the Sith comic series by John Jackson Miller.



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