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  • Jason Dietzel

Force Organizations: Tyia

By: Jason Dietzel

Contemporary sources claim that Thuwisten missionaries brought the Tyia faith to the Revwiens on the planet Revyia shortly after the Battle of Taboo, but in truth, Revwiens had been seen traveling the galaxy sharing this philosophy for millennia.

Tyia was a faith, philosophy, and practice that centered on being highly in tune with the light side of the Force. Due to this highly sensitive attunement with the Force, Thuwistens taught the sanctity of all live above all else, and thus the high importance of peace. This led to a focus on personal behaviors that reflect honor and compassion.

Tyia practitioners, Thuwistens, draw their namesake from their prime tenet. Thuwisten promote seeking personal harmony with one’s own Tyia. When this is achieved, it allows them to form into a bond-circle with other Tyia energies. It is believed that this joining of Tyia spirits in the Force, called a Thuwisten, leads to the ultimate form of harmony. Through this personal and communal harmony, the Thuwisten believed they held the keys to fully knowing the ways of the universe.

As a result of their deep introspection, Tyia practitioners became experts at controlling their person through ceremony and meditation. This led to the Thuwistens being exceptionally gifted at Force powers considered to be part of the “Control” skills by the Jedi.

Thuwistens acknowledged the Jedi as fellow masters of the Tyia arts. This led them to offer aid to the Jedi during the Great Jedi Purge, having been moved by the pain and grief they felt through the Force from such a traumatic event. Unfortunately, they also accepted Palpatine into their ranks during his personal quest to achieve full understanding of the Force. It is unknown if they were unaware of his true nature, or if they felt they could sway him from his dark roots.

Revwiens built their society around their Tyia faith, organizing their species into groups of autonomous, semi-nomadic communes. Even their technology was built around their connection and respect for the life forms of their environment, especially plant life. Their harmonious culture meant their world saw little traffic from outsiders, limiting its trade with the greater galaxy.

The only known Thuwisten of the Tyia faith is the Revwien, Wuwuhuul, who helped the Rebel Alliance in their war against the Empire. Likewise, the Tyia only appear in the Expanded Universe in West End Game’s Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game and their Valkyrie roleplaying magazines.



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