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Forgotten Class: Cray Mingla

Cray Mingla was a scientist with a doctorate in artificial intelligence. She went to the Academy in its first year with Nichos Marr to be tested in her Force abilities. Both passed the test and were welcome to join the first class of students.

Cray is said to have kept in excellent shape and always dressed in the latest fashion. Upon learning of her lover's ill-fated disease (as discussed earlier in my series) Cray did everything within her power to save Marr from his fate.

Though while on a mission aboard the Eye of Palpatine, she discovered all her efforts had failed and left her with just a droid of Nichos instead of the real thing. Distraught and ready to join Marr in the Force, she willingly gave up her body to Callistia as her spirit went out to her foregone lover.

This tragic tale of two lovers had a happy conclusion in that her sacrifice paved the way for Callistia to join Luke in real life. This is one of my favorite stories within the Expanded Universe and though Callistia would go on to have bigger problems set before her, the fact that Cray made such a sacrifice shows how deserving she was to be among the first clas of students within Luke's Academy.

Children of the Jedi is the only tale we have of Cray but I wouldn't have minded more if Hambly had wished to give a short story account of an early adventure involving Cray within the Star Wars Insider or West End Game's Adventure Journal. It's doubtful that even with a return of EU stories we'd ever get such a tale now.



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