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Forgotten Class: Dal Konur

Dal Konur has got to be one of the more interesting subjects in this series for me in particular due to the fact that I had never heard of him until last year when doing a deep dive into all the defunct online rpg stories from Wizards of the Coast.

Konur was the subject for 2 role playing adventures that told an intriguing tale that ended in tragedy for a Jedi who'd lost his way.

Konur was a trooper within the ranks of the Republic, who fought hard against in the Empire in the early days of the Rebellion. With several victories being scored after the destruction of the second Death Star, it was soon discovered the Dal showed an affinity towards the Force. Borsk Fey'la encouraged him to join Luke at the Academy soon after putting Konur among the list of students in Luke's first class.

Sadly, Dal had a different perspective on what Luke's Academy should be. While Luke focused his students on learning the ways of the Force for peace, Konur insisted they should instead be trained as weapons against the Empire.

While Luke respected and understood Dal's position, he vehemently disagreed with Konur's suggestion early on to form a strike team of Jedi to go on an assassination mission against the Moff Council.

Dal took plans into his on hand by using a Jedi mind trick on the delivery pilot Peckham, to transport him off Yavin 4 and on to his quest to infiltrate the Empire in an attempt to get closer to the council.

Konus stopped at nothing to complete his mission. Even going as far as to be willing to "sacrifice" any Jedi Luke sent after to retrieve him, in order to get the faith of his Imperial commanders. While Dal had noble intentions, his obsessiveness in bringing a final end to the war clouded his judgment and allowed him to sink further into the Dark Side until his eventually end.

I have to be honest, I never realized Wizards of the Coast was capable of putting together such an interesting character but I'm glad they did. It made for an entertaining story arc within the Expanded Universe.

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