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  • Matt Wilkins

Forgotten Class: Desann

Hailing from the Jedi Knight video game series, Desann is said to have been included within Luke's first class of trainees at the academy in its first year.

Perhaps one of the most powerful students there, Desann was prone to bullying the other less talented Jedi.

His stay didn't last long under Luke due to Desann brutally murdering a fellow student who stood up to him. Upon the incident, Desann fled and was later struck down by Kyle Katarn during his siege of the Jedi Temple on Yavin 4 years later.

I love the story of Desann and wish we could've seen a novelization of the amazing stories that were being written for the video games at the time. Those writers had some tremendous ideas that I believe would've sold well as novels within the Expanded Universe. Not only appealing to the book crowd, but gamers as well.

But like many video games from Star Wars, those stories went largely ignored by the EU as a whole and it's a shame because the more I learn about the story arcs from video games, the more I wish they'd been made available in other formats to read about.

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