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Forgotten Class: Harlan*

Of all the characters I've mentioned so far, this is the only one who comes with an asterisk after her name because it's doubtful if she really exist within the Expanded Universe officially or not.

Technically she does because she's included as the PC example character within the Jedi Academy Sourcebook but Leeland Chee later reported it was unconfirmed whether she truly existed or not.

I'd like to think she did. Chee obviously didn't want to say anything for sure for fear or a potential contradiction from future material but all it takes to become "C" canon back then was for some author to acknowledge their existence and BOOM. You were in.

I also wouldn't mind the thought of their being another Jedi candidate like her in the first class of students since overall it still amounted to a class that appeared to have less than 30 students at any given time. Easy enough for Luke to interact with and train indiviually if he wanted to.

So there you have it. Potentially the entire first class of Jedi, Luke ever trained. But wait. There's more to come tomorrow of more Jedi who attended the academy that few remember.

See you then...

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