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Forgotten Class: Ken

I had to save the best for last.

Ken is never mentioned outside of the classic Jedi Prince series and it's a shame too. I think it was a missed opportunity.

Though widely panned by the EU community, I found the series charming and still love it to this day. Though no one's bothered to give this character any love outside of that series, I also envisioned Ken (who was never given a last name) to enter Luke's Academy within the same time as the second class. He would've clicked well with Tash and Zak Arranda and maybe even formed a bond with them, eventually marrying Tash. (this is all in my head by the way)

Growing up, I kept looking for any reference to this character in future stories but it never came. If I'd ever gotten a shot to write a story within the Expanded Universe it certainly would've involved him.

But I like to think he grew up to become a fine Jedi and raise a family on his own.

Off subject, but I would have Zak Arranda marry Cindel Towani from the Ewok movies. (ok I'm done)

Thanks for allowing me on this nearly one month journey exploring all the Forgotten class of Jedi who attended Luke's academy. I certainly had a good time writing these and I hope you had just as good of a time reading them.

Bye for now!



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