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Forgotten Class: Keyan Farlander

Another member of Luke's forgotten first class of Jedi at the Academy was a character from an old computer game titled "X-Wing" which was a flight simulator game by LucasArts back in the early 90's.

Though I never played the game myself as a kid I did (years later) get a hold of the companion book The Farlander Papers which provided a short story of Farlander for fans of the game.

To be honest, I had no idea how prevalent he was in the Expanded Universe until years later. Outside of the video games he made several brief cameos in the New Jedi Order that I'd completely missed while reading through it. A connection that surprised me when I discovered it later on.

The Star Wars Encyclopedia revealed Farlander was also one of Luke's first students at the Jedi Academy and did well learning underneath the newly promoted Jedi Master. Keyan would later come to train Jedi himself at the Academy as a Pilot instructor and was instrumental in several battles against the Vong during the New Jedi Order era.

I love the idea of a Jedi Pilot Instructor at the Academy and wish this would've been used more in the Expanded Universe. For example, in Young Jedi Knights, Kevin J Anderson could've used Keyan as an instructor for Jaina. Helping her become the excellent pilot she'd end up being.

Though Farlander's popularity mainly spawns from the PC games, it's nice to the know he had a home within the broader expanse of Star Wars media too.



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