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Forgotten Class: Madurrin

Madurrin was a female Anx Jedi who was in the first class of Jedi to be trained at Luke's academy. Created by Walter John Williams in his novel Destiny's Way from the New Jedi Order the character originally was meant to be for Melodie from the Junior Jedi Knights series.

But when Williams was later informed she'd already been killed off in a one of reference in an earlier novel, he decided to create the character Madurrin instead to replace who he originally had for the role of Jedi Mind Meld leader in the war against the Vong.

The Star Wars encyclopedia would later provide more content into her background and where she came from.

Though not much else is said about this character you can't deny it's a rather interesting story of how she came into being in the first place. It's a shame that they killed Melodie off in a wasted one liner from an earlier NJO book. At the time I saw nothing wrong with it but after finding out years later Williams actually had a role for her to play in the war, I much would've preferred to see that version of her than Melodie dying "off record".



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