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Forgotten Class: Nichos Marr

Nichos Marr was among the first recruits by Luke Skywalker when establishing his Jedi Academy. Though not very strong in the Force, Luke admired his determination and strong will and allowed him to stay and train with the others.

Sadly, Nichos Marr was later diagnosed with Quannot's Stndrome; a painful and fatal disease without a known cure.

Nichos' lover Cray Mingla, tried everything she could to prevent Marr from losing his life. She went as far as to utilize Ssi-ruuk technology to transfer Nichos' essence within a droid body but later realized she had failed.

The droid of Nichos Marr and his story first appeared in Children of the Jedi where we were explained the fate of this unfortunate Jedi. While we never read a story featuring the real Jedi who started at the Academy on Yavin 4 but we got an idea of who he was from Barbara Hambly's novel.

I'm not surprised that Luke accepted Marr into the Academy because similar to Tionne (who was also weak in the Force) Nichos had other talents to offer which I sure made an impact to the other Jedi in attendance.

It's also good to know that not every student at the Academy was an "All Star" Force user in the beginning as well. Gives the situation more realism to an actual academy.

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09 jul 2021

I was wondering if Nichos was ever going to be covered. His entire character is interesting in Children of The Jedi. Cray is also interesting, seeing them both for the first time I was confused why I had not seen them before in the Jedi Academy Trilogy.

Me gusta
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