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  • Matt Wilkins

Forgotten Class: Raltharan

Another character from Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy who also appears to have made an early appearance at the Academy was Raltharan.

He trained under Corran Horn the same time Rosh Penin and Jaden Korr were being trained under Kyle Katarn.

I should mention that I have no intention of doing a piece on Jaden Korr, even though he was part of this "second wave" of Jedi I'm mentioning at the moment. Due to his popularity from the video games and getting his own duology of novels in the EU, I think most people know who he is.

The reason I mentioned Kyle Katarn earlier was purely because people may not have realized he was among Luke's first students to attend the academy. I digress.

Though Raltharan was featured as several different alien species in the video game it was never confirmed was race (or gender) he actually was. However, Troy Denning does briefly mention Raltharan in his Dark Nest Trilogy, cementing his existence within the Expanded Universe.

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