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  • Matt Wilkins

Forgotten Class: Rosh Penin

Now it's time to move on from Luke's first wave of students and start to determine who came afterwards to the academy, perhaps even as early as the second wave of recruits to join.

I should place a special disclaimer in that I have no evidence of any of this being official, yet rather an educated guess on other potential Force users who went through training in the early days of the academy.

The first one I'm going to mention of Rosh Penin.

Rosh was trained by Kyle Kartarn in the early days of the Academy. His first introduction came from the video game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

In the story, Rosh is portrayed as arrogant and impatient. He believed Katarn was holding him back from his true potential and eventually left the Academy to study abroad. He was captured by Dark Force users who used his fear to turn him to the Dark Side.

Thankfully his former students were able to convert him back to the Light Side of the Force in the end, saving him from a terrible fate. Rosh was also fortunate enough to be mentioned in Paul S Kemp's novel Riptide.

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